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Innovating since 1889

Innovation is in our DNA and, because of that, it is key to the Irizar Group’s strategy.


Creatio is the Irizar Group Research and Development Centre and its mission is to enhance the applied research and technological development capacity of the Group for both its own brand's products and the main components of the bodywork.

Prepared for a Multi-Technological Future

We have a complete range of solutions that includes 100% electric vehicles as well as and hybrid, diesel, HVO and natural biofuel (CNG and LNG) vehicles. Furthermore, the first hydrogen vehicle prototype vehicle is already in the test phase.

We like the challenges of the future. And that is why we are already working on electrifying intercity buses and long haul coaches (class II and III).

Efficient Line

Reductions of up to 13% in consumption and emissions

With one of the largest innovation projects in recent years at the Irizar Group, consumption and emissions have been reduced by 13%, weight has been lowered 950 kg and the aerodynamic coefficient has been reduced by 30%, which makes the Irizar i6S Efficient a latest generation vehicle designed to provide maximum efficiency.

Electrifying Cities

Our sustainable mobility solutions are transforming our cities and our planet. No polluting emissions, no noise, efficient and accessible

  • Zero direct emissions. A 100% electric articulated Irizar bus eliminates the atmospheric emission of 120 tons of CO2 each year.
  • Noise Reduction. The electric technology makes the noise of the combustion engine disappear, which means there are no exterior sound emissions to annoy pedestrians when the bus is stopped and starting (0 dBA). When driving the noise pollution of the Irizar ie bus is 20% lower.
  • Green Energy Factory. The total energy consumed by Irizar emobility is produced by a photovoltaic energy Centre located in Álava, which makes it the first plant in Europe to use entirely sustainable energy.

Second battery life

We offer a second life to batteries under a partnering agreement with Ibil that lets the batteries we install in our electric buses to be reused after their useful life in the buses is over as energy storage devices. The power electronics associated with that use can also be reused in the charging infrastructures Ibil is developing.

Social Innovation

Our internal social innovation project strives to achieve well-being for everybody at Irizar, with a focus on work-life balance, equality, diversity and social inclusion. We want to become leaders in what really matters.

Innovation since 1889, know our history