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Our firm commitment to offering a complete range of zero-emissions vehicles for both long and short range. We present the Irizar i6S Efficient Hydrogen, the first zero-emissions H2 coach in Europe, a milestone along our path to sustainable mobility of the future: intelligent, connected, zero-emissions and multi-technology.

Irizar i6S Efficient

Up to 1000 km

The way our clients operate will not be changed, because the Irizar i6S Efficient Hydrogen has a range of up to 1000 km and minimal charging times, of around 20 minutes. In addition, it can run in 100% electric mode for short times, if required.

Efficiency and durability

The vehicle's main components are characterised by high efficiency and durability. The batteries will stay with the vehicle for its entire useful life. 

Vehículo de hidrógeno