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The Sustainable Mobility of the Future

At Irizar we want to be a key actor in the sustainable mobility of the future. To achieve that, we’re focusing all our efforts on decarbonisation, electrifying cities and reducing the consumption and emissions of our vehicles.

Charging solutions

We provide a range of interoperable charging options to provide solutions to the different conditioning factors clients face in terms of both power limits and space and operating restrictions.

In-depot charging

This is the easiest method and the most traditional one where a Combo 2 connector is manually or automatically connected to the vehicle using a pantograph. Vehicles can be charged using less power with this method and it's available from 50 kW to 150 kW in indoor and outdoor models.

Pantograph in depot

Slow charging in the garage can be completely automated by using pantographs (either bottom up or top down) installed above the parking spaces, replacing the electrical outlet solution with a manual connection by an operator.

Intelligent charging system

This is a custom solution that efficiently manages all the charging conditions/restrictions in the depot. It identifies the different charging needs of a fleet to optimise the total power required.

Roof-mounted pantograph

It is an articulated mechanism installed on the roof of the vehicle and a vaulted ceiling connected to the charger located on an adapted structure or pole. When the vehicle’s batteries need to be charged the arm of the pantograph extends and makes the necessary connections.

Inverted pantograph

The moving part of the pantograph is integrated into the post of the charging infrastructure. The vehicle only needs a complementary part to be able to charge. The vehicle is charged in a few minutes.