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The Integral Irizar i6S Efficient Arrives in Israel

The Israeli market now has the first Irizar i6S Efficient units and they confirm the excellent results in reducing consumption. In addition, several events have been held in the country so clients can see the new vehicle first hand.

Irizar presented their new coach with EMCOL, part of the Allied Group and the exclusive official distributor in the country, at several events that more than 100 local operators participated in. The brand is seeking to increase their current market share above 50% and they are firmly committed to strengthening their leadership position in the Israeli market, which is one of the economies that has recovered fastest from the pandemic.

  • This new model has a weight reduction of up to 950kg, a 30% improvement in aerodynamic coefficient and reduction in consumption and emissions of up to 13%
  • It’s a latest generation vehicle that is designed to provide maximum efficiency for operators and the greatest safety for passengers.

The first units were produced with a VIP finish to provide exclusive service to passengers. They are 12.2 and 12.92 metre buses with 36 - 55 seats, 410 CV DAF engines with 2300 NM of torque and they also have large luggage compartments up to 12 cubic metres.

The vehicle has a digital camera system that provides an optimal panoramic view in all conditions, either at night or in the rain, which also leads to a reduction in consumption. Those improvements mean a large part of the Irizar i6S Efficient buses produced for Israel already have the digital camera system.

The interior of the vehicle also has the highest quality finishes. It has stainless steel handrails and LED lighting in the entrances and more room between the seats, which have all leather VIP upholstery, in addition to catering equipment, gaming tables, excellent on-board connectivity and even video game consoles for passenger entertainment.

More than 40 units acquired in the Israeli market

Our Israeli clients who already have an Irizar i6S Efficient in their fleet confirm this vehicle’s excellent results in reducing consumption. The Israeli market has already acquired more than 40 units and more than 15 units are already on the road. Companies like Rubin, Maya, Charlie Wisseman, David Minai and Siton are the ones who have been most enthusiastic about this new model.

Excellent aerodynamic performance with improvements up to 30% and the weight reduction up to 950kg are essential for this new generation of bus. The front of the vehicle and the roof have been modified and work has been done on the curve of the windscreen and the other front windows to lower air resistance to a minimum. Like all Irizar models, the new Irizar i6S Efficient is available on any chassis on the market and in an integral version with two or three axles, from 10.78 to 15 metres and engines from 370 CV to 530 CV.

A Safe and Connected Vehicle

The i6s efficient is a very efficient coach that is connected, safe and designed for the sustainable transport of the future. It has a new multiplexed architecture and communications protocol can give self-diagnosis services in real time. Irizar technology makes preventive maintenance and online monitoring for remote diagnostics possible. With our connectivity systems, all the data and usage statistics for the vehicle are stored in the cloud to maximise profitability, optimise route planning and minimise maintenance costs.

The vehicle also has the most advanced active safety systems for preventing accidents, like the system for detecting traffic signals, pedestrians and bicycles, lane keep assist systems and collision warning systems, among others. Moreover, the vehicle has a reinforced structure that improves its response to torsion, flexing and head-on collisions, also, improving its passive safety.

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